'an outrageous talent...a great and good man.' - Stephen Fry
'Michael is amazing!' - Adrian Edmondson
'Rare facility and nimble erudition' - Danny Baker
'Lovely.' - Arthur 'Arfur' Smith
'bellowing & manic chutzpah.' - Robin Ince
'Crazy. Comic perfection' - Kevin Eldon
'How does he remember all those words? It's not natural.' - Barry Cryer
'a tour-de-force and a work of art' - Neil Innes
'on a different plane to the rest of the world' - Rick Wakeman
Mike is remarkable!' - Danny Thompson
'Who?' - Michael Palin
'Winning fun' - Clive Davis (The Times)
'An extraordinary performer' - Andy Gill (The Independent)
'a comic tour-de-force' - Andrew Male (MOJO Magazine)
'Brilliant! Berserk! Simply wonderful!' - Suzanne Moore (The Guardian)